This week we take a look at Toon; a game where you play as a cartoon character, physics is just a funny word, and nobody ever dies. Which cartoon world is this game based on? All of them! You can play anything from Hanna Barbera to Looney Tunes, or modernise the theme and introduce some My little Pony, or even SpongeBob SquarePants if you like.

Toon was originally published in 1983 so this is definitely one from the archives, but we dust this game off and see how a role-playing game goes more than three decades since it was released.

We’re also lucky to joined by Greg Costikyan, the designer of Toon, and we get his thoughts on the game as well as hear what he has been working on since.

So grab your Acme anvils and rocket skates, and join us Monday 11pm on C31 Melbourne, or catch up on the episode after it airs on our YouTube channel.