Greetings citizen! Congratulations on being appointed Red Level security clearance and welcome to your new role as Troubleshooter! Armed with your laser pistols, you and your fellow teammates are the newest protectors of Alpha Complex, and will enjoy rooting out Communist mutant traitors that seek to ruin this futuristic utopia. Don’t forget you must always trust The Computer throughout the mission. The Computer is your friend! Failure to comply with orders may lead to immediate brainscrubbing. The Computer says so! Thank you, and have a pleasant day.

This week we have a look at the game Paranoia: Troubleshooters, an RPG set in a satirical yet darkly humorous dystopian science-fiction future. A well-meaning but unfortunately rather deranged Computer desperately protects the citizens of an underground city from secret societies, mutants, and all sorts of other real and imagined enemies it perceives. This is a lighthearted game filled with terror, death, bureaucracies, dangerous weapons, and insane robots, where often characters will have a hidden agenda separate from the group’s goals that involves stealing from or killing teammates. Missions invariably turn into a comedy of errors, as everyone seeks to double-cross everyone else while keeping their own secrets hidden if they can.

So citizen, grab your trusty security card and R&D’s latest experimental Laser Pistol 3000™ and join us Monday 11pm on C31 Melbourne, or catch-up on the episode after it airs on our YouTube channel.