Web Exclusive – Goblin Quest Hacks

In this Web Exclusive we check out a number of hacks available for Goblin Quest.

Check out Damien’s artwork portfolio

We’d like to thank Damien Holder for his amazing design work on Roll for Adventure. With his help, we have a kickass logo, an opening credits sequence of our hosts, and some really cool RPG illustrations for our website and… Continue Reading →

Full Episode: Toon

Check out the full video of our Toon episode as well as more information on the game.

Up Next: Toon

This week we take a look at Toon; a game where you play as a cartoon character, physics is just a funny word, and nobody ever dies. Which cartoon world is this game based on? All of them! You can… Continue Reading →

Extended Interview – Avery McDaldno on Monsterhearts

We speak with Avery McDaldno, the creator of Monsterhearts, and ask about the inspiration behind the game.

Full Episode: Monsterhearts

Check out the full video of our pilot episode as well as more information on Monsterhearts.

RfA now on Facebook and Twitter

Let’s be social! The Roll for Adventure page is now live on Facebook and you can follow us as we live tweet our episodes on Twitter.

Up Next: Monsterhearts

High school can be tough. But what if you were not only an angsty teenager, but also secretly a warewolf? Or Sabrina the Teenage Witch? Or a vampire slayer? This week we take a look at Monsterhearts, a role-playing game… Continue Reading →

Hello, and welcome to Roll for Adventure

Roll for Adventure is an exciting new show that looks into the world of role-playing games (RPGs). Each week, three veteran role-players take a look at a different RPG, digging in to what makes it unique as well as talking… Continue Reading →

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